A few months ago, I built a pedalboard for my acoustic guitar. My goal in amplifying acoustic guitar is to preserve the natural tone while enhancing the sound with minimal effects/processing. The centerpiece of this board is the BBE Acoustimax which serves as a preamp, DI box (w/ phase reversal and ground lift, balanced output) and 3-band EQ. I run everything on the board through this pedal’s effects loop except the volume and tuner pedals. In the effects loop there is a DST-5 Distortion, a DD-3 Digital Delay, HOF Mini Reverb and Ditto Looper. In general, I use the distortion to add a tiny touch of harmonic saturation, the delay to add a slapback effect for fingerstyle parts and the reverb for a light room sound.

As far as construction, I used poplar wood, Minwax Golden Oak wood stain, 1″ wood screws and Velcro tape to attach the pedals, cables and power supply. I added drawer handles to the sides to make it easier to pick up and even found an old suitcase on Craigslist which works as a case for travel.

Here is a list of what was included in this pedalboard: